Alpha 2018 Spanish free movie torrent

Alpha 2018 Spanish free movie torrent

Alpha 2018

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Alpha 2018
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Keda’s child tried to survive alone in the desert after he died during the first hunt with the Cro-Magnon tribe. He immediately created a rare alliance with unique wild nature that was abandoned by his herd. Keda and the wolf must now travel through the picturesque landscapes and do not like it when they return home before the winter day.

An epic adventure set in the last ice age. Europe, 20,000 years ago. During the first hunt with most of their ethnic groupsthe young man was wounded and left to die. Waking up would be broken and lonely – he must learn to survive and lead to a bad and unpleasant desert.

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One couple learned to encourage each other and became an indefinable, vulnerable and demanding companion to find the way home before the fall of winter.


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